Oct 24, 2013

 ICM Award Inspirational Song of the year

"They Don't Stay Little Long Enough"


2013 ICM Songwriter of the Year


Aug. 2013





Awarded The Resolution

from the Congress of the State of Georgia

for music contribution with the #1 song

 "They Don't Stay Little Long Enough"


Power Source Mag. #1 Song

"His Love Paints a Picture"




2012 ICM Male Vocalist of the Year


2012 ICM Songwriter of the Year


Country gospel artist Chuck Hancock was born and raised in Texas and started out as a young man playing country music. In 1971, he moved to Georgia where he set out to build a successful business and raise a family. The move was, without a doubt, the right one for his life. He met the love of his life, Cynthia and they built a beautiful home where they raised their children. Unfortunately, as is often the case, Chuck had to put his music on the back burner during this time and focus on providing for his family and developing his business career. Also, during this time, he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. "After I got saved I thought playing music was over," he admits. But after attending a concert featuring country gospel artist Chuck Day, he recalls, "The music that he (Chuck Day) was performing had that Texas sound to it, with fiddles and steel guitars. When I heard it I thought, 'Wow, I can still do some country style music but with a different message."


When his family had become old enough to withstand him being on the road and his business had grown enough to become stable and profitable, Chuck decided to begin writing and playing music again. It was like seeing an old friend, one he hadn't forgotten but just couldn't find time for recently. Over the past several years, Chuck has been fortunate to have several of his songs climb into the top ten with a few number ones on the country gospel charts. His tracks are a vehicle for providing a true inspirational message to fans of both genres. "THAT'S WHERE I WAS" reached the top of the charts and was his first number one.


Humbly grateful, for all that God has allowed him to accomplish, Chuck is thankful to all those that have helped him along the way. "Terry Beene has helped me so much with my music....he is so supportive. He has been my partner in this and my helpmate."

Tommy Smith, owner of Canyon Creek Records has been wonderful to me.

Chuck Day was an inspiration throughout this journey so far. " I wouldn't even be doing this if it were not for him," Hancock says. "Back when I didn't have anyone else to help me through everything I had to do to get involved in all this, Chuck Day was right there to help me. He and I perform a lot together and also write. He is one of my greatest inspirations."

Charles Turner, his business partner, has been tremendously supportive as well. "He's my brother and life long business partner. He has been a great encouragement for me throughout the years."


"I also want to think my wife, Cynthia, for all the love and support." Chuck cherishes his family and is forever grateful for the sacrifices they have made to help his dreams develop.


 He is an avid outdoorsman and loves hunting with his boys and team roping. Rodeo is a family interest for the Hancock's as evident by the outdoor arena across the street from their home. Even his grandchildren can be seen riding horses and honing their roping skills on the family farm.


It's been a great life so far for Chuck and his family and he gives all the glory to the one who saved his soul so many years ago. He looks forward to what the future holds and is continually inspired to write and perform music that touches his fans in a way that leads them closer to God.


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